Powerstart, City Road Garage - Excellent

Jimmy has collected cars for our garage over the years and will continue to do so. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and has not once let us down. When says he will be there in 15 mins, he will be ther in 15 mins! Truly professional and an excellent service. Thanks Jimmy.

Mr Garry Plant - Considerate!

My car wouldn't start when I returned to it after a shopping trip in Sheffield. After a call to Jimmy, his truck arrived and we were on our way back to Leeds. From beginning to end of the journey, Jimmy was kind and considerte and gladly made a detour to Bradford to take my mother home safely, then to drop my car off at my local garage and finally to take me home. Many Thanks!

Mr Banaras Gulzar - Like a Boss!

Just a few quick words of thanks to Jimmy who came out yesterday when my car broke down around town. He was out withing 10 minutes and got me to the garage swiftly and smoothly with no delays. Bish, Bash, Bosh, No delay. Like a Boss!

Mrs Zoe Foster - Empathetic

Just wanted to say a few words regarding the fantastic service I have received. I broke down on the way to seeing my sister who is terminally ill. Jimmy came within 20 mins, diagnosed the issue as a faulty battery, jumped the battery, rang on ahead to source a new battery, escorted me to the shop, fitted the battery and then took me to the right road to continue my very long journey. He was courteous and empathetic, especially given my distress. I owe you Jimmy!